Used On
Mustang V8 5.8L 5812cc 355cid 2014
Ford Lincon V8 5.4L 330cid 2013-2014, 5.0L 4951cc 302cid 2013-2015, 6.2L 6210cc 379cid 2014
F-250, 350, 450,550 Super Duty V8 6.2L 6210cc 379cid 2013-2016, 415cid 2013-2016
Ford Van E-150 V8 4.6L 281cid 2013-2014,5.4L 330cid 2013-2014,
E-350, 450 Super Duty V10 6.8L 415cid 2013-2016, 5.4L 330cid 2013-2016

Used On
GM applications CTS, ATS L4 2.0L 1998cc 122cid 2014
Impala L4 2.5L 2457cc 153cid 2014
Malibu L4 2.0L 1998cc 122cid 2014-2015
There are at least 2 version of 19258 starter, they take different solenoid. This one has plastic plunger tip extends about 11MM beyond the edge of the extruded washer. The short version will be 10-ND307 it extends about 9MM.